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We offer grass-fed, grain finished beef that offers the taste and tenderness of choice-grade beef.  Raised on the rolling pastures of Greene County, Illinois, the animals always have access to pasture. Beef is processed in a USDA facility and available for pickup in the St Louis metro area. 

We sell a beef as a whole, half, or a quarter (mixed cuts of the half) all at the same price of $6.68/lb. The whole beef is processed between 16 and 20 months of age and the weight of meat product will range from 650 to 825 lbs.


Concerned about freezer space?  We will pair you with another beef eater!

  • What makes our beef great?
    We care for each animal and try to minimize stress during its entire life. You buy a young steer and after it has been harvested, the beef is dry aged so each cut is tender; our beef is hormone and antibiotic free. We are proud of our product that goes from our pastures to your table.
  • What is the process to get the beef from farm to table?
    The order is placed for quantity of beef and when you plan to receive it; Phil, or our farm manager will work with you to complete a beef selection sheet(click to see a sample form); a harvest date is set and the animal is transported the same date; the beef is aged 12-14 days; the meat carver cuts the meat according to your instructions; the meat is labelled, packed per instructions, and frozen. Pick-up will be by you unless other arrangements are made.
  • Can I specify the cuts of meat I want?
    Take a look at our sample Beef Selection Sheet. As you can see, you have plenty of options to choose the thickness of steaks; determine how much ground beef you want by choosing whether you want the round steak or roast made into burger; the percentage of fat you want in your burger. Specialties such as smokies or beef jerky can also be ordered at an additional cost. We will help you complete your selection sheet when you are ready to order.
  • When and where do I pick up the meat?
    South Side Stock Farm only uses USDA facilities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area for processing. With the beef aging period, it takes at least 2 weeks from harvest to delivery. The processor will then let you know when the meat is cut, packaged, frozen, and ready for pick-up. South Side can help coordinate a delivery to the St. Louis metropolitan area at an additional cost.
  • How do I order?
    1) Complete our reservation form. 2) We'll get in touch with you and provide you with our cut sheet, which will allow you to choose how you want your beef processed. 3) We'll help you fill out your cut sheet if you have any questions.
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