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A 5th Generation Family Legacy


Our German great grandfathers (Postel and Holnback) brought soft wheat to the United States in the 1860s.  The best use for soft wheat was cake flour. Bagged as Postel’s Elegant Flour, the high quality flour was used in the kitchen of the White House.  Like most farms, we also raised Hampshire and Berkshire hogs. “Pappy” often brought home blue ribbons at County and State Fairs.  Beef, however, has been the passion of the past 5 generations and one of our prize winning strains of Angus still carries the name of Postelmere.

Returning to Sustainable Practices 

Our family continues to work with pride to improve pastures, diversify our crops, and much more. 


Life on the farm day in day out is not easy. South Side’s manager and his team work hard every day to maintain a healthy and well- fed herd. Planting and growing crops regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us, adds to that long day. However, the beauty of the farm and its capacity to give back keep us going year after year. Our pictures below illustrate why South Side Stock Farm means so much to us and how its bounties are for all of us to enjoy.

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